Monday, August 5, 2013

My It's Been A Long, Long Time ...

Oh, yes, it has! It seems like it was only yesterday since I last posted.  But here it is August 2013 (!) and I have yet to add another post to my blog. "Gee, ain't it funny how time slips away?" (That Willie Nelson sure does know how to write a mean lyric. And, that Elvis, well, I just love me some Elvis.)

It's not like I haven't been cooking, eating, and thinking about food.  I have.  Oh, yes, I have indeed! One of my life's greatest joys, really.  It's just that, well, life happened (is happening) and it simply put a bit of a pause on my hobbies. (But NEVER in the way of my eating, thank goodness!) So, while I've been enjoying and sometimes slogging through life (I'm a very productive slogger, mind you), I took a bit of a respite from the blogosphere. But, mark my words, I will be back!

That's right I will be back, and not I am back.  Currently, I'm still out enjoying the world without my copy of Kuchnia Polska, which as you may recall is a real doozy of a book.  It is a book that is delicate in its age and state, and so it must be lovingly cared for and preserved at home.  There it patiently awaits my return.  It is a good book in more ways than one.

Rest assured, my dear polka dotted friends, I have some culinary treats up my sleeve that I will be sharing with y'all real soon.

Well, "I gotta go now I guess I'll see you around/ Don't know when though never know when I'll be back in town." But I promise it will be sooner rather than later.